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Safe online gambling with Extreme Online Casino means more than just making sure your financial transactions will be secure!

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Safe Online Gambling

You won't have your credit card cleaned out or identity stolen. There are a number of safety factors which need to be addressed and as we are dealing with high stakes and even extreme amounts of money, we must ensure our members and readers only make use of above-board gambling sites, with extremely good reputations.

One of the biggest concerns is, and always has, for online gamblers, been the security of sensitive information. Conducting financial transaction online entails the exchange of highly sensitive information. Credit card numbers, proof of identity (to prove you are of a legal gambling age), and even bank account details for payment of winnings.

Is there such a thing as safe online gambling? The answer is most definitely yes! The first and most obvious answer to this would be, if it wasn't millions of people wouldn't be doing it, but this is not the most logical, or most reassuring argument. So the next best answer is; that as much as your financial safety and security needs to be taken care of, so too does the online casinos. While you may be a high roller or low roller, whatever amount you transact online is just as important to you both. The same applies to the site, and we are talking millions of dollars.

128-bit SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption technology, is used not only to protect customers from unscrupulous dealings, it is designed to protect the site and make for safe online gambling for all parties involved. It is multiple firewall technology, and you can be pretty certain that any hackers would go for the casino's bank balance before any of its customers.

This is multiple firewall technology and is the same technology used by major credit card and banking institutions, I mean, how many people actually go to the bank today to draw cash to make payments? Not many, this is all done electronically today, and it is all done using 128-bit SSL digital encryption which is believed to be completely safe for at least another couple of years.

Being sure that once your information has reached the casino; that it will remain safe is another concern. This is why will only reference sites that are completely above board. Another very important factor to realize is that online gambling is a very competitive industry. They know that THEIR, customers are vital to their survival. On-selling any customer information to third parties would be completely counter-productive, and above-board sites jealously guard their customers' information, in secure, off-site servers. They won't even give away an email address, imagine if a competitor managed to lure away their best VIP customers by offering them something better? So this is another safety assurance.

Licensing, software and who is behind the brand are also of great concern, this is why we stick with the big, well recognized brands, with above-board reputations. Certified payouts are another concern, and no matter how big the WWW may seem, it is a very small world when a casino does not honor payouts - word soon gets around!