What is the Online Casino Payout Percentage?

One of the most important factors to consider when playing at a casino, is what the online casino payout percentage is.

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Online Casino Payout Percentage

If you are playing at a sit which doesn't publish this, then you might like to re-think where your loyalty lies. Factoring this into your play, means that the site is above board and they are audited by an independent third party, and these could be either the OPA - Online Players Association, PricewaterhouseCoopers (PWC) or eCogra, the e-Commerce Online Gaming Regulation and Assurance.

The site needs to be certified by one or all of these authorities and this mean the percentage of online casino payout has been fairly tested, as well as verified. These audits make a significant difference to the fairness of play and the amount of trust a player should place in a site.

The way this payout is calculated online obviously has its basis in the ay it is conducted in a land based facility. However one of the beauties of playing at an online casino is that the odds are generally better, therefore the payout percentage is also higher. Online casinos, although expensive to afford, are not as expensive to operate as a land based facility as they don't have as many overheads, so the savings are passed on to the consumer. These savings take the shape of the online casino payout, casino bonuses and other special casino offers.

All the leading casino software providers are able to randomize the outcome of games, by mean of a random number generator, and it is this which must be audited for fairness and percentage payout. This is to ensure that the RGN remains within the confines of gambling regulation. In land based casinos, the same RGN algorithms are used for many games, although not live games such as roulette or blackjack.

The online casino payout percentage is the portion of the total money spent by players in relationship to the money paid out in winnings. If this is 98%, then this is the percentage of the amount of money wagered which is paid out in winnings, the other 2% is the house edge. Individual games have a different house edge and the best online casinos publish the house edge, so look out for this, it will tell you that you are playing at an above board site.

The verification certificate, with is what we mentioned earlier, as coming from PWC, eCogra or OPA is what notifies the player that the casino does pay this out. The top software companies adhere to the payout percentage and this confirms they are offering a truly fair gambling environment for you to enjoy online.

As to what amount is actually fait is hard to say, but the general rule of thumb is 96.5% and higher. If you see a casino advertising they offer a 97% payout and they have the certificate and data to confirm this published at their site, then you are getting a good deal. And as the online casino industry is so competitive, they do compete against each other to provide better and fairer payout percentages. So the winner a the end of the day is the player, but more so if they actually do win!