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The craps table is always one of the most exciting tables in a bricks and mortar casino, it is where the biggest amount of noise comes from as all the players in the same game and even spectators egg the dice on. This game is iconic and closely connected to big winning, so it stands to reason that high stake craps, is the only way to play craps.

In much the same way as you play roulette, craps wagers are placed on a variety of betting options. These can be singular or multiple options, but it also means that a lot of money can be won, or, by the same token, lost.

Online casinos, just like B&M casinos have different rules (not for the game) for limits on craps wagers, and again, www.ExtremeOnlineCasino.com has to scout around a bit to find good sites for US players, as they are so few and far between. There might be table caps in this game or there might be no limit. Bodog again comes to the fore with offering US players a place to gamble from the comfort of their own home however, I wouldn't call their game high stakes craps as there is a maximum wager of $100 and a $1 000 table limit. Unlike Pinnacle which has a $2 000 maximum bet with a no limit table. So I would say that Pinnacle is best for high stakes games.

For the UK gambling market, these fellows can take their pick, if you aren't keen on what we have picked for you, you don't have to settle with it, or if you are happy where you are so be it. But again we like the Ladbrokes Casino brand and although they are not right up there with the high rolling casino, you will be sure to be paid out your winnings. They offer a maximum bet of $100 just like Las Vegas USA Casino, but unlike Las Vegas USA Casino, there is no limit on the Ladbrokes Casino craps tables.

In high stakes craps, the maximum bet is the maximum allowed for example on a "Pass Line Bet", however this amount could also be placed on place. The table limit is the maximum allowed on the roll of the dice, and this is sometimes capped also.

Pinnacle definitely comes out tops of all the sites wee looked at with their $2 000 maximum wager, but this is not to say that there are no sites out there which offer more. We also have to bear in mind that high stakes craps is part of a supply demand market. So if there is very little demand for playing craps in big numbers, the supply is limited.

William Hill Casino is not too bad at €/£/$1 000, however higher payout bets are quite severely limited. And the one thing that this also tells us by the way; is that craps if anything is a winning game. If the odds were much higher against winning as they are in say roulette (determined by the randomness of the game). Then I am pretty sure higher stakes craps games would be more readily available.